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“rafters-rattling maximum power pop and lush, fully flowing romantic threnodies for people who have been aching for a big-sounding broken hearted new masterpiece for a while. All eras of widescreen jangle are tapped; all flavors of vibrant power pop are robustly present.  ” –Paste Magazine

“Seattle singer/songwriter Jonathan Fickes is behind A View of Earth from the Moon and its invigorating, classically Big Beat-kissed debut feels like a stunning emotional discovery; almost like seeing your existence for the first time from space.” –Huffington Post

“Seattle’s Jonathan Fickes has tapped many flavors in this release.  The vintage sound and singing on “I Had to Go In to Come Back Out Again” that instantly channels Tom Petty. The blissful “How I Lost You” which has memorable intimacy and deep meaning and the standout track “Distance Runner” which has the ability to describe the wonders of the mind and is quite comical. –No Depression

“It’s not often that albums can evoke a strain of nostalgia while still presenting something new and re-listen worthy. It’s what every music fan wishes when a favorite band puts out a new album that never holds up to the expectation. A View of Earth from the Moon’s album “Closer to a Ghost” is the first album from the band, but it greets you like an old friend with the contradiction of new and familiar sounds.” –Big Takeover